Tsarskoye Selo Pushkin - St Petersburg Russia

Tsarskoye Selo Palace and Gardens

7 ulitsa Sadovaya 189620 Pushkin
Open: 10am - 5pm
Closed: Tuesdays and the last Monday of every month
Tel. 465-2024, 466-6674, 465-5308
By public transport: Train from Vitebsk station ('Kupchino' platform) to Detskoye Selo

The very beginning of 18th century was the time when the palace and park in Pushkin, Tsarskoye Selo were founded. The history of this place is linked with the name of Peter the Great, and his wife, Empress Catherine I who initiated the construction of a small stone ace. 

The next important historical period for Tsarskoe Selo was the period between 1752 and 1756 when architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli following the wish of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna united existing parts of the palace to create a single ensemble. The Great Palace, or The Catherine Palace, is a definite masterpiece of Russian Baroque. 306 metre of facade, splendid main staircase and suite of halls with unique woodwork, mirrors and amber. 

Golden Century of Tsarskoye Selo was under the reign of Catherine II. During this period a lot of masterpieces of the park were constructed including the Church and Zubov Wings of the Catherine Palace, Hanging Garden, Cameron Gallery and much more. To keep her darling grandson, the Alexander Palace was built between 1792 and 1800. 

Before the communist times the Great Palace was beloved summer residence of the Russian royal family. Thankfully the Palace contained so many masterpieces that already a year after the revolution, in 1918, a museum of art and history was opened there. During the World War II the ensemble suffered great damaged and has been being repaired since 1957 to be returned the past glory. 

At the moment the museum of Tsarskoye Selo possesses splendid collections of furniture, fabrics, paintings and sculptures. Its main treasure, famous Amber room is annually visited by millions of tourists who can't stop admiring its luxury and beauty. 

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